Expand your online business with Facebook

Today, Facebook has become another important way to do business online because Facebook is a large social network with users all over the world. Most business owners turn to Facebook to do business. to increase the chance And generate income for their business,

we offer techniques for expanding business with Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Page

because Facebook Page is like a storefront of a business on the online world. Therefore, creating a Page should be distinctive, attractive, eye-catching and able to convey the product. and our services In addition, various information should be specified. about

the shop in its entirety Whether it’s the location of the shop, business hours, history of origin, contact information. To build credibility with the business itself.

2. Promote the fan page together with the website.

promotion in conjunction with that website can increase the chances of reaching customers And it also increases the chances of selling products as well. Because most customers after visiting the website They will follow the information. Through the fan

page instead of itself. Promotion of the fan page with the website. can be done easily by installing Facebook like Box within the website That’s all.

3. Create Good

Content Having good content can help attract the attention of customers as well. And it also increases the chances of placing an order. for the format of the content It could be a short article, a video clip, or a text illustration. Depends on the design of the shop

itself, and most importantly, the content must be of quality and beneficial to the audience as well.

4. Availability of service

It is an important point that admins or page admins should pay attention to. because it will be able to make a good impression on customers Whether it’s a quick chat response Answering questions under posts that are always asked by people. or talking on the

page so as not to look too lonely And should use language in conversation that is polite, sincere and natural.

5. Content that can lead to sales

Posting a product for sale alone There may be some customers who don’t understand. What if you want to buy a product, what should you do? Therefore, the content in the post must lead to sales, for example, write it under the post to sell products that If interested, click to buy products on the website, you can order products under the post.

or contact via message box so that customers can understand immediately And do not waste time with inquiries sure enough.

6. Use Facebook Ads as a helper.

Facebook Ads is an important help in building a brand to be recognized quickly because Facebook Ads can help our page reach a large number of potential customers directly. which although there may be some cost But it is worth the results. It can also limit the budget to not exceed the budget.

7. Make ads according to the rules.

Advertising must be made according to the rules set by Facebook, otherwise it will not be able to advertise. by important rules, for example There must be only 20% of the total advertising space, no wording of a guarantee. and various guarantees Including no

precarious images, etc., doing business via Facebook Page is not difficult anymore. And can help you to increase sales even more by

just applying these techniques. In particular, creating attractive fan pages and making quality advertisements. To promote the business to be the most effective

For those who are interested To create an online business or various types of advertisements in the online world, you can ask for advice or follow up with good knowledge. It’s free.